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Mary McCartney photography of Royal Ballet

©Mary McCartney

In 2004, photographer Mary McCartney, held her first public photography exhibition with the Royal Ballet members off the stage entitled“Off Pointe – A Photographic Study of The Royal Ballet After Hours”

I had heard about this essay before, but only now I have managed to have access to the photographs and could not resist putting them here.

In black and white photography series, Mary’s magic lenses managed to capture intimate images capable of portraying the harsh reality of a dancer’s life, often unseen by the outside world.

The essay shows, unlike most fairy tales, that dancers are normal human beings, susceptible to exhaustion and capable of feeling pain. I was impressed with the male dancer who smokes during intervals, the female dancer who eats “Lays” crisps and the female dancer casually dressed, carrying a Marks & Spencer carrier bag with her bunch of flowers, which she was probably presented with after a performance.

If you would like to check them out, the photos can be accessed either from the Royal Ballet website, where the exhibition was held, or from Mary‘s.

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