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The 15th Biennial of Dance in Lyon

The Government of Lyon, has promoted the 15th Biennial of Dance  — 13-30 last September, one of the largest dance festivals in the region. This major event involved a large share of the population (over 98,000 participants), so the streets and squares were packed.

The event promoted dance in the town, and also offered free dance classes to the public. In addition, there was a tribute made to the musical theatre productions showing films from various productions such as Grease, Hair, among others. Discussions and debates between directors, choreographers and dancers on dance films also took place.

With an extremely assorted program, the biennial included workshops on hip hop, African dance, Irish dance, photo contests, shows on new choreographic works, contemporary dance performances and the dissemination of various projects. Well, a feast of possibilities.

For dance professionals and enthusiasts, the biennial is an excellent platform for the expansion of the artistic activity. Of course, many talents will be discovered and many projects will be developed in the future.

For people, this is an excellent opportunity to discover the magic of dance, engage themselves, develop body awareness, or simply have fun.

Ah, how good it would be if all governments promoted events like this. What a pleasure it would be if our dancers’ fate did not depend on politicians’ goodwill who promote dance only when art serves to meet their personal and political interests.

The dance is contagious, is interactive, realises dreams, generates income and employment, increases tourism promotion … Is there anyone who still doubt the transformative power of dance?

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