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“A menina dança sozinha por um momento

A menina dança sozinha com o vento, com o ar, com o sonho de olhos imensos…

A forma grácil de suas pernas ele é que as plasma, o seu par de ar, de vento, o seu par fantasma…

Menina de olhos imensos, tu, agora, paras, mas a mão ainda erguida segura ainda no ar o hástil invisível deste poema!” – Mario Quintana

Mayara Magri at Prix de Lausanne performing Copelia variation

Prix de Lausanne

At 16, she won over the Brazilian people`s hearts with disconcerting simplitcity and her cheerful spirit,  when she won the Joinville Dance Festival in 2010.  With the same cheerfulness, the Swiss public fell in love with her and granted her the audience best dancer award as well as the Prix de Lausanne final prize in 2011. However, Mayara Magri knows that in order  to succeed in dancing, it takes a great deal of determination, perseverance and hard work. She knows that in the ballet studio her focus is on the job. Then she rehearses, repeats in the constant quest for perfection. Talent, she has it in abundance. And it is quite noticible when one watches the lightness and gracefulness of her movements when she performs the variations of their repertoires. It makes a difficult job  look easy, and with a striking smile she bewitches the members of the audience who sit in the theatre’s last row.

According to the G1 site, Mayara has already received over 50 awards, including the prestigious YAGP, where she performed the of the Black Swan (Odille) variation. There is not even one single person in the Brazilian dance field who has not heard of  “Mayara Magri”. It is even more difficult to find a ballet student that does not get inspired by her example of determination and her quest to overcome the difficulties inherent to the dancing career.

The award received from the Lausanne competition allowed her to join the prestigious Royal Ballet School in London. And in such a short time, the dancer also won the hearts of the British people. Recently, the girl has taken a step further. Almost a month ago, the social media networks reported that she has now been offered a contract with the Royal Ballet. Has Mayara conquered the opera stage, or has the stage won her? I would stick with the second option because her acceptance by the Royal Ballet is a well-deserved achievement and certainly she will live up to her new role. However, her girlish  and almost careless spontaneity proves that the stage is already hers, because she was born ready to shine among the Greatest.

I want to have the pleasure to see her represent our Brazil so well, beside Thiago and Roberta, in the box of dreams, in which one day shone  RudolfMargotSylvie and many others.

I want to stand, applaud her, visit the  Royal Opera House gift shop, see her  face featured on the Royal Ballet Yearbook and be able to say: Ah! Happy to be alive to see these all these wonders.

Please click here and here to read an interview given to the Kerche & Kerche and Les Chroniques d`un Petit Rat blogs, which show a bit of personality and history of this lovely dancer who won the hearts of dance students from all over Brazil.

Rewatch below the videos showing Mayara’s participation in the Prix de Lausanne in 2011.

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