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The Kings of the Dance which was produced by Sergei Danilian in 2006, was originally performed by Angel Corella, Johan Kobborg, Ethan Stiefel and Nikolay Tsiskaridze. When the project began to unfold, the people involved had in mind to gather the crème de la crème of the ballet world to explore the skills and attributes of the male dancing, which sometimes are overlooked, because quite often the male figure is overshadowed by the ballerina’s splendor. Except for solos and codas, usually, the role of the enchanting princes is to partner and support their princesses on stage.The London debut at the Coliseum last March featured dancers at the peak of their careers coming from four different companies. This time, the team was cast by Marcelo Gomes (American Ballet Theatre), Ivan Vasiliev (American Ballet Theatre), Denis Matvienko (The Bolshoi), Leonid Sarafanov (Mikhailovsky Ballet) and Roberto Bolle (American Ballet Theatre and Teatro Alla Scala). The only female presence on the show was the virtuous Svetlana Lunkina, from the Bolshoi and who currently performs at the National Ballet of Canada as a guest artist.On the same note, the choreographers treated their dancers with creative works which were showcased in a tasteful contemporary dance programme. That said, all mixed bills have their ups and downs; and in this case, the comparison between the pieces and dancers were inevitable. In fact, Marcelo Gomes has said several times that the dancers come from different schools and were trained in different different methodologies; which make them unique in their own style.Also, it was interesting to notice the way this ballet was perceived by the media and critics. Despite the fact that the show had the purpose of showcasing the art and beauty of the male dancing, I feel that the interest for this topic was extrapolated. There was much talk about the celebration of male dancing, ego and testosterone. It seems that these concerns often arise when ballet danced by men such as the Men in Motion by Ivan Putrov and Men y Men produced by the English National Ballet are staged in the UK. What is so extraordinary about this? I could not tell for sure, but it does not matter. Since its premiere, the Kings of the Dance has always been acclaimed by international critic; and theatres are always flocked by people who go there to see their idols. Due to the high quality of the dancers and their choreographers, the project could never fail, but even so, it deserves a careful analysis of what was seen.

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