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“It all started five years ago. Taciana Lyra came across a brownie recipe and decided to test her cookery skills. When they got ready, the brownies were distributed among her family members, who  tasted and approved the little chocolate cakes “- Diário de Pernambuco

Have you ever heard of Merci Doces? Merci is a sweets company set up  by Taciana Lyra and Mariana Gusmão, which is based in Recife, and  provides all sorts of sweets  for thematic parties, shops and special occasions. Whatever the occasion, Merci does not only prepare customised sweets, but also the packaging that gives a special touch to your party.

Brownies, cupcakes and brigadeiro tubs are among the most popular requests. Beautiful and colorful the sweets are made with a great deal of love and creativity. What initially was appreciated by Taciana’s family members, is now an absolute success on the social networks. The company receives the orders through its dedicated page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MerciDoces

So dear dancers, how about celebrating your first successful audition or your first contract with the company of your dreams with a thematic party prepared by Mariana’s and Taciana’s magic hands?

Merci will acknowledge it for sure!

Look at the pictures below. It is just not possible not to fall in love with.

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