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Photo: Karen Kornienko Website

My love for dance is huge that I could spend my life writing, reading and researching on this subject. I spend a lot of time watching videos of rehearsals and dance classes. In these searches, I had tried to find a video of ballet music played on the piano so I could listen to at home. My big surprise? Karen Kornienko, this Russian music’s jewel, with whom I fell in love immediately.

Karen is a Russian pianist trained at the Moscow Conservatory and winner of various competitions such as the International Scriabin Piano I and II. He also received other awards and is a soloist at the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra. With his music, he became famous for his performances in concerts around the world and his appearances on several television programs. Karen’s work is critically acclaimed for its virtuosity, creativity and also for being extremely intuitive.

Some of his works is a reinterpretation of the Tchaikovsky compositions. In the videos below, you can hear his interpretation of the Waltz of the Flowers Suite from the Nutcracker  ballet  and the Suite Concert of Swan Lake. While surfing on the Internet, I found a video of Karen playing the Fantasy Suite based on Bizet’s Opera Carmen, also below.

To learn more about this extraordinary pianist, click here

“The Waltz of the Flowers” Symphonic Suite based on the ballet “Nutcracker”.Part 7, filmed at the Moscow Conservatory, on July 1, 2002.

Concert Suite from Swan Lake (1.2)
Philharmonic Tchaikovsky Hall, Moscow, on November 23, 2002.

Concert Suite from Swan Lake (3,4,5)

3. Dance of the Little Swans
5.Dance glasses
Philharmonic Tchaikovsky Hall, Moscow, November 11, 2002.

“Suite-Fantasie,” based on the Opera “Carmen”
1. Presentation
2. Children’s Choir
3. Intermezzo.
4. Habanera
5. Bolero
6. Toreador
7. Intermezzo
8. Finale
In “Bazhenov,” Hall SUE “Czarina”, Moscow, September 25, 2010.

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