Behind this blog, there is a former lawyer who once dreamed of becoming a ballerina. In 1999 she swapped sunny Rio de Janeiro for cool and exciting London to follow a totally different path in clinical research. Nevertheless, the love for dance still lives on.

All dance forms have the power to identify the cultural identity of a specific group or society, and in many cases, they serve as an instrument of social integration and for overcoming the hardships of life. For these reasons, talking about dance brings me so much joy and excitement.

I intend, in this space, to chat about things that encourage thoughts and the continuous quest for the development of all dance styles. Therefore this blog is dedicated to all dance and art lovers who wish to see all these beautiful things that make us all happy; and to celebrate our start, here is Leanne Benjamin and Thiago Soares in Thaïs Pas de Deux.

I hope you stick around. Enjoy!

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